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Dating back to ancient China, Reflexology is a complementary therapy which works on the feet or hands to assist healing of the whole person. It can be used to help restore the body’s innate equilibrium and balance. It is suitable for children to centenarians in restoring a healthy balance. Reflexology has been shown to be safe and assists greatly in the management of wellness in:
infertility and pregnancy
back pain
digestive and sleep disorders
multiple sclerosis
hormonal imbalances and many more conditions.

Reflexology during Pregnancy & Labour

Carmel has post graduate training and experience in “Reflexology during Pregnancy. ”
Reflexology is an invaluable holistic therapy which focus on the woman’s own individual needs and health which can be treated safely and effectively during pregnancy and labour. It prepares the body for labour by balancing the body’s endocrine system which is responsible for the secretion of many hormones.

Expectant mothers are much too often advised not to do treatments at a time when pampering and relaxation is as important to Mums to be as healthy eating. Reflexology promotes relaxation and helps realign energy throughout the whole process of pregnancy. It brings about balance at a physical emotional and mental level and prepares the body for labour .

The purpose of reflexology during pregnancy is:
– Physical and emotional support to the new mum
– Alleviate fears and anxieties
– Support the mother discomforts and ailments such as aids in reducing and normalising blood pressure thus reducing swelling in hands and feet and relieving varicose veins
– Oxygenating the baby by Improved blood flow within the whole body , helping the uterus and the baby’s placenta

It  improves sleep quality by reducing backache, sciatica hence gives mum better energy. It can bring relief from indigestion, heartburn ,constipation, haemorrhoids and morning sickness.  It also helps clearing pelvic congestion and lymphatic drainage.

Carmel Clarke

CarmelCarmel is a Registered General Nurse and registered/insured with the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists whose requirements are to continually update knowledge & skills by completing professional development courses and seminars .

Her key aim is to enable a safe, caring and professional space to enable the clients focus solely on their health needs.

Carmel’s  vast experience in complimentary therapies since 1992 offers a holistic empathic approach in facilitating a healing treatment in bringing  balance and wellness to a wide variety of client issues during their life changing events .

Carmel’s training includes:
1978 Registered General Nurse
1992 Swedish massage Diploma
1994 Kairos Aromatherapy Diploma
1995 Post Graduate cert in Sports and Remedial Massage
1995 Therapeutic Massage Practitioner Diploma
1996 Practitioner Certificate in Reflexology
1996 Extra mural cert in Counselling skills and Palliative Care course
2002 Diploma in first line management
2005 Diploma in critical Care nursing

Her most recent Post graduate updates include:
Reflexology during Pregnancy, holistic care from conception to baby
Reflexology for  people living with Cancer, clients and their carers
Reflexology and therapeutic massage for people with musculoskeletal ailments


Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri by appointment.


Reflexology €45 for 50 mins.
Therapeutic massage €60  for 1 hour.
Aromatherapy treatment €65 for 1 hour .