Osteopathy for Migraine – Daily Star May 2018

Trevor Harte (42) from Enniscrone, Co Sligo has suffered with migraine all his life. He would get it maybe once or twice a year and had been able to manage it with prescribed medication. This would help lift the pressure on his head and within a few hours the pain was gone.

In November 2017, as he worked in the ‘clean room’, in the local medical device company, Trevor noticed that the migraine pain was more intense and the medication was not lifting it.

“I could barely open my eyes. There was a loud buzzing in my ear that went right through my head. The fact that the clean room was white with bright lights did not help. I had to leave work and was unable to return for a few weeks, as the pain was so bad. The specialist convinced me that my migraine was a life sentence,” he explained.

A visit to a food market at Strandhill airport changed his life dramatically. As Trevor and his wife, Nicola, were returning to their car they saw the sign for Julie Ellwood’s osteopathy clinic, which is close to the airport.

Having experienced the benefits of osteopathy with their son Lorcan, Nicola suggested to Trevor to go and seek help from her. 

“Julie saw me a short time later. She worked on my head, my neck and shoulders. Then worked on my back and thigh. She just knew how to work the muscles and bones and it was not long before I felt the pressure lifting. It turns out that, all my life, my neck was out of alignment and this was causing the pressure on my head,” Trevor said.

Trevor continues to enjoy a pain-free life and highly recommends considering an osteopath for migraine, spinal and muscle issues.

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