Osteopathy for children – good news story in the Irish Mirror April 2018

When Eva Reilly’s first child Eleanor was born after a difficulty pregnancy and birth, she was diagnosed with very high thyroid activity. As a result, she was not well and despite medication, Eleanor was still unwell after ten weeks.

“It was very hard to see your new born in such discomfort. The next step in finding a cure for the problem was specialist treatment in Crumlin Hospital. However, a friend of mine recommended that I talk to Julie Ellwood as Julie had helped her in the past.

“While it was worth meeting her, I was very sceptical about osteopathy as I did not know anything about it. So, when I was making the appointment with Julie, I grilled her on the phone about her qualifications and experience, before I agreed to let her work on my precious new baby. Eleanor was then examined and the treatment commenced. A further consultation took place one week later,” Eva said.

When Eleanor was ten weeks old, she was back with the medical consultants for blood tests. The results showed that for the first time in her life, Eleanor’s blood levels were normal.

“I was not surprised as she was happy and relaxed in herself and sleeping well for the first time in 10 weeks.” 

Three years later, Coman was born. Again, this was a difficult pregnancy for Eva and Coman was born very quickly. It became apparent that his neck was leaning to one side and he was not holding his head up properly.

“The medical team, while very helpful and caring, were not able to get this sorted after 12 weeks. So, I decided to bring him to Julie to see if she could help as Coman was in a lot of distress, not feeding properly and out of sorts,” Eva explained.

The osteopathic examination quickly identified that Coman’s muscles were out of alignment and a treatment plan was agreed. It did not take long before the osteopathy worked and he began to have a normal quality of life.

Eva said that Coman had to return to Julie when he was around six months old and he had a high temperature and was not sleeping with excessive dribbling and blocked ears.

“Following a number of visits to the doctor and several antibiotics, it was clear he did not have an infection. So, I decided to bring him back to Julie’s clinic. She immediately saw that his muscles were not aligned. She knew exactly what to do and it was not long before he was back to being a happy boy.”

Having first gone to an osteopath as a last resort with her first child, this sceptic has a very different view of osteopathy, thanks to the work done by Julie Ellwood.

“Julie has a holistic approach that allows her to zone in on the exact cause of the problem. In doing so she is very mindful of the medical issues as well. I think the best way to sum up her approach is the fact that the children enjoy visiting the clinic,” Eva explained.





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