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Lactation Consultations

A lactation consultation may benefit you and your baby in the following circumstances :

  • You have difficulty latching your baby correctly and are unable to maintain the latch for much of the feed
  • You think your baby is not getting enough milk
  • You experience pain throughout your breastfeed
  • You have been told your baby is not gaining enough weight
  • Your baby is fussing a lot at the breast and appears to be always feeding and never satisfied
  • Your baby is premature
  • You have medical condition that may interfere with breastfeeding and want extra support
  • Your previous breastfeeding experience was disappointing and you would like to have a different experience this time
  • You have too much milk
  • Your baby has reflux and is making feeding very difficult
  • Breastfeeding didn’t get off to a good start in the hospital but you want to continue breastfeeding
  • Your baby is having supplements and you would like to reduce and stop these and fully breastfeed
  • You want to learn about expressing breast milk and storing it
  • Or you want to check in and ensure your are doing okay because it is your first time to breastfeed.

These are just a sample of reasons where you might find a consultation of benefit , sometimes a phone call or an email can help you sort out whether you require a consultation.

Pauline McLoughlin

Pauline McLoughlin is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), midwife,nurse and a mother of three children.

After working in natural birthing in Australia, Pauline returned to Sligo over twenty years ago where she helped establish a mother to mother breastfeeding support group.

Breastfeeding support and caring for families  has continued to be a feature of her professional life in primary care where she works in Sligo town with a GP practice . Pauline consolidated her professional knowledge of breastfeeding and sat and successfully passed examinations in 2011 which allowed her to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2011.  Pauline established a private lactation  consultation service in 2012 and became a part of the BabyBloom team in 2013.


When my little girl was born I had concerns along the way about her and breastfeeding….was I doing everything right, could I do things better!!!!”

“Pauline Mc Loughlin was just super, I couldn’t recommend her enough. She put me at such ease, offered really practical advice, was soooo positive and contributed hugely to ensuring our breastfeeding journey was a success and a hugely enjoyable experience.”

“I think every mom could benefit from Pauline’s expertise and knowledge. We are so lucky to have Pauline and BabyBloom on our doorstep!!”

Thanks from Jane & Hannah Joy

Jane Gaffney
“I cannot recommend Pauline highly enough. Her breastfeeding workshops are essential to any family considering breastfeeding. Second time around it gave me greater knowledge. Breastfeeding is an art and a science and Pauline is an expert and an artiste! She also helped us in the first few weeks when a tongue tie rendered us a bit confused. Our breastfeeding journey shows no sign of ending anytime soon and baby Éirinn is more than thriving! I can never thank Pauline enough for what she has given to us. Keep up the amazing work!”


Breastfeeding consultations take place in BabyBloom Clinic on a Thursday  and by appointment only. Appointments outside this time can be arranged along with home visits .

The initial consultation is one hour and forty five minutes minutes. Review consultations can be 30 to 60 minutes. At all consultations you can expect a confidential, respectful, compassionate, non-judgemental  and professional service.

The consultation revolves around a breastfeed and assessing a breastfeed on both breasts. In that time I can assess the baby’s attachment, position, latch and suck. I will offer you information and guidance that will help you resolve your breastfeeding problems and help you reach your breastfeeding goals. At the same time I can assess  for any problems that may interfere with breastfeeding successfully such as engorgment, nipple trauma or insufficent glandular tissue. If  you have an underlying medical condition, we can work together to devise a plan to help breastfeeding fit in with a particular condition e.g. epilepsey, multiple sclerosis, diabetes to name but a few.

If you agree or request, I can liaise with your GP, Public Health Nurse or other healthcare professionals . Referral for specialist treatment can be facilitated if required.

You will leave the consultation with information leaflets or will be sent digital links to videos or information  relevant to you, a managment plan and a plan follow up by telephone will be mutually will be arranged.


Initial consultation – €120

Review consultation – 30 minutes – €50 ; 60 minutes – €70

Formal telephone consultation (limited circumstances)  – fee agreed prior to consultation. Telephone consultations are not suitable for clinical breastfeeding problems.

Home visit – Sligo town – €120 ; up to thirty kilometres  – €150

Outside this range a price is arranged prior to consultation.

Some private insurance plans will reimburse for part of the fee and all consultations are receipted. You will need to check with your insurance company.

Home visits

Home visits can be arranged. They are one hour and forty five minutes duration . For consultations beyond a 30 km drive an alternative fee is arranged and agreed upon beforehand.

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